Case No.: 20070120

Date: 01-20-2007
Time: 8:00pm 1:00pm EST

Investigators: Buzz Hammond, Kim Hammond, Keri Lester, Rie Sadler, Penny Martin, Robert Martin and Kristy
Other People Present: Hosts: Mr. Daniel Fluhart and Mr. Edward Mudd

Location: Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House
Address: 3725 Dr. Samuel Mudd Road
City/State: Beantown, Maryland
Weather: Clear skies, breezy, winds ???, 17.3mph Temperature: 30F at 9:0pm and 26.4F at 11:30pm
Dew Point: 9.1F at 9:00pm and 10.8F at 11:30pm
Humidity: 42% at 9:00pm and 52% at 11:30pm

Equipment used:

On the evening of January 20th, 2007 Eastern Paranormal Research (EPR) conducted an investigation of the historic Dr. Samuel Mudd's home in Beantown, Maryland. The Mudd Home was built in 1859 and Dr. Mudd is most famous for treating John Wilkes Booth's injured leg after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. John Wilkes Booth and co conspirator David Herold were both taken-in at the home of Dr. Mudd and stayed to gain their rest in the guest room on the second floor. In 1865 Dr. Mudd was imprisoned for conspiracy to murder A braham Lincoln. He was later pardoned by President Andrew Johnson in 1869 and returned home to Beantown, Maryland where he remained until his death in 1883. Dr. Mudd's home now serves as a museum to encourage research into the role that this historic site played at the time of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.
A pre-investigative interview concluded that both the President of the Dr. Mudd Foundation and caretaker and descendents Henry and Edward Mudd had both experienced activity in the home. The President, Mr. Daniel Fluhart reported water faucets being turned on, doors locking unexpectedly and indentations in a bed located in a child's bedroom: "As if someone had been laying in it", in the upstairs of the home on several different occasions. Mr. Fluhart reported that an original clock that belonged to Mrs. Mudd, that is inoperable and sits in the dining room had begun to keep time, only the hands were moving backward. Mr. Edward Mudd reported seeing apparitions of Mrs. Mudd in a black dress in the attic and hearing Mrs. Mudd's voice on different occasions. The latest incident was a few months ago in the off season, Mr. Fluhart was alone straightening up after a private tour of the Mudd home when he heard a female voice from upstairs. A few days later Edward Mudd arrived in the home to fix the alarm system upstairs and saw an apparition of Mrs. Mudd in her black dress.
Upon arriving at the home of Dr. Samuel Mudd EPR members were greeted by President of the Dr. Mudd Society, Mr. Daniel Fluhart and descendant/caretaker Edward Mudd. EPR members began setting up equipment and did an initial walk through. Keri, the group's sensitive reported that she did not pick up any paranormal energy in the downstairs of the home but did feel some energy on the stairs and in the attic. Kim and Penny set up two control boxes consisting of a doll, a ball, army men and other items. One control box was placed in the child's room upstairs, the other in Booth's room. Both boxes were photographed for comparison at the end of the investigation. After the walk through session, Kim followed behind taking photos. Upon reviewing them, Kim found a photo anomaly, which does not appear to be a camera malfunction.
From Kim's report: "100_4294.jpg is the photograph in question; the time stamp is 8:16 pm. Trying to debunk the photo I reviewed all of the other pictures taken in the room. I was able to locate pictures of all 4 walls at various angles. There was no one else in the room at the time and none of the pictures bear a resemblance to this image. Kim explains what she sees in the photo: "I see a man holding what appears to be a candle with a bass holder reflected in the mirror. He seems to be looking down, as if he is looking for something. This person has dark hair with a beard and mustache. No one from our group or hosts resembles the person I see.".
During the initial walk through investigator Rie started her audio recorder and upon reviewing her recorded information an EVP was found that is agreed upon the group to be a voice in a singing like manner saying: "I See You". After the walk through, Keri conducted the EMF sweep of the home and had a significant spike in an upstairs room, Dr. Mudd's study, for approximately 10 seconds in the center of the room. There were no other spikes in the EMF reader for the rest of the evening. Kim and Kristy conducted room-to-room temperature readings and did not find anything out of the ordinary. While conducting temperature readings Kim took more digital shots of each room and upon reviewing she found an anomaly in the upstairs guest room where Booth stayed, which we call Booth's room.
This photo shows what appears to be an anomaly on the back of investigator Kristy's head. Taken from Kim's report: "100_4341.jpg is the photograph in question; the time stamp is 9:16 pm. Trying to debunk the photo I reviewed all of the other pictures taken in the room. I was able to locate pictures of all 4 walls at various angles. There were no pictures of Dr. Mudd or another male in the room except a painting of Jesus kneeling. I do not believe this caused the image in the mirror." EPR studied the photo after the investigation and agreed that they could see an image of what could be Dr. Mudd's face on the back of Kristy. This picture was also taken in the children's room.
EPR divided into two teams to conduct EVP recording sessions. Kim and Kristy entered Dr. Mudd's bedroom on the first floor of the house and Rie, Keri, Penny and Robert conducted EVP's in Dr. Mudd's Study on the second floor. Buzz conducted video recordings of downstairs areas at this time. During this session no anomalies or voice recordings were found in either of these rooms. Each investigator reports having no temperature changes or activity. The second EVP session was to be a quiet EVP session for Rie, Keri, Penny and Robert. This is where the group sits quietly in the room and listens for activity. The quiet EVP session was conducted in the child's room. Our hosts informed the group that one of the nine children from Dr. Mudd and wife Sarah died at 8 months old in this room. Kim and Kristy, were stationed downstairs in the living room to conduct EVP's, upon review nothing was found. During this session Rie, Keri, Penny and Robert heard very loud footsteps and banging noises coming from the hallway and staircase. Penny snapped several photos in that general direction but found no anomalies upon reviewing. At one point during this session the noises became so prevalent that Penny called out: "Who's there?" and also called out to identify if the noises were coming from Kim and Kristy. There was no answer and upon reviewing Kim, Kristy and Buzz confirmed they were not present on the stair case, hallway or in that vicinity during the time of activity. Buzz joined out session much later to record and found no anomalies on video. Each room in the Mudd home was photographed and had EVP sessions. EPR found several EVP's throughout the home. Kim and Kristy, upon review, picked up two EVP's during a session in the child's room. What appears to be the word "Baby" and when asked if anyone would like to talk, "I will" is heard in a female voice. Rie, Keri, Penny and Robert picked up several EVP's in Booth's room including: "Get Out". Keri, Penny and Robert investigated the attic. Keri was sensing some activity in the left hand side of the far attic and conducted EVP recordings. From Keri's report: "I felt a female spirit, and at one point I heard a tap against the wall. I did not feel like it was threatening in any way." Upon review, a very small voice, which appears to be female can be heard saying "Bye" as we are exiting the room.
After thoroughly covering the house EPR exited to investigate a three-room structure that is located outside to the right of the home. This structure was built and housed an orphan that was taken in by the Mudd family in 1878. A man also died in the middle room of this structure but his identity and cause of death were not disclosed. Keri, Rie, Penny and Robert entered the structure and sat in some folding chairs in the farthest room that housed some civil war memorilbilia. Buzz entered the structure and began video taping some of the artifacts in the structure. Keri set her recorder on the table to the far left of our sitting positions and Rie placed her recorder in the middle room approximately 20-25 feet away from our sitting positions. Kristy and Kim joined us the last three minutes of this session. Rie and Keri recorded at least 8 EVP's in this session. Heavy breathing and "out" were a few EVP's captured. Although Keri and Rie's recorders were located in separate rooms both investigators caugh a lot of the same EVP's. From Keri's report: "In the structure I felt a male spirit, and that it did not want us there, that we were invading his space". Penny photographed the structure and found no anomalies along with Buzz who found no anomalies in his video footage.
The final session before concluding the investigation was conducted in the kitchen, which is located off of the back porch of the home. Keri, Rie and Penny conducted EVP's sessions in this room. A bowl of potpori gave the room the smell of apple pie. Keri had strong feelings of presence upon entering the room and kept seeing a slave girl who was caught in an act of violence with a white male. Penny also reported having feelings of a strong presence in this room. From Rie's report: "When I asked "Do you need help," I caught a faint "Hmmm-hmmmm", like someone was making the "no" sound with their mouth closed."
A final walk through was conducted before packing up equipment to conclude our investigation. Penny and Kim collected the control boxes and found no movement had occurred in the box in the children's room. The box that was located in Booth's room had be jostled by a fellow investigator and was determined to be unreadable at collection. Final pictures were taken by Kristy, Kim, Penny and Rie and no anomalies were found by members of EPR. During the walk through Kristy and Kim do report hearing noises on the staircase. From Kristy's report: "Heard footsteps following Kim and I down the main stairs on 3 separate occasions."
After thanking our hosts our investigation was concluded. Buzz reported later, upon review, no anomalies found on any footage that was taken. All EVP's and questionable photos were discussed throughout and will be presented to the President of the Mudd Home and descendant Edward Mudd for more information and thoughts on evidence collected. In the conclusion of our investigation EPR members are asked their thoughts on the home and it's reported activity. From Keri's report: "I do believe that there is some sort of activity in the home, but I believe that they are peaceful, and will not harm anyone, this is their home, and they love it there." From Rie's report: ".these spirits should not cause any fear in the employees and visitors to the home as they do not present themselves as harmful or that they are overly perturbed by the presence of others." All members of Eastern Paranormal Research wish to thank Mr. Fluhart and the Mudd family for sharing this special piece of history with us.